Destination Brand

Choosing the Right Location for Your Brand

With so many incredible locations to choose from for your branding photo shoot, where do you pick? The answer depends of course on your budget. But whether you have a large budget or a small one, you want to look for these 3 things:

1. Does the location offer lots of options. No matter where you go, choosing a location that, in photos, will look like you have traveled to several spots is always a bonus. For example your favorite coffee shop may be the best place to grab some images for you latest blog posts. From there, check out the alleys and streets. The textures and variety of colors and movement in the background may be a great next space and with a simple wardrobe change, it will look like a separate photo shoot.

2. Does it inspire you? If you are dreading having to have images taken, and you are dreading the location, it is going to be hard to communicate positive emotions and persona in your images. Choose a place that you love and even if the background won't be seen in the photos, you attitude will help create great images for your collection.

3. Is it 'on brand'? If you are a vegan lifestyle brand, would going to the local burger joint make sense? granted, it may depending on how you plan to use those images, but be sure that the places you go match the overall message and feel for your brand.


These tips may seem obvious, but take a look at images you see on social media, and you will be able to easily spot things that are just off, and it is usually because one of the above.