Visual Influence: Body Language

Body Language and Communication and Your Head-shot

Body language is a powerful communicator. So much so, that professional poker players go to great lengths to mask theirs and read their competitors'. From the FBI to CIA to parents, we all use our ability to read others to help fill in information.

In the world today we have the opportunity to craft the first impressions that we want others to have of us. That is a HUGE advantage. However, there is a difference between a picture that is beautiful and one that sends the right message. Ideally, you want both; you want to put your best out into the world.

Here are 3 things to look for when you are choosing your professional head-shot:

1. Eye level. Take a look at your image. Is the view eye-to-eye to you? If not, are you looking down at the viewer (which signals superiority), or are you looking up at the view (submissive)? For most jobs the best choice is to be eye-to-eye from the viewers perspective; making you equals.

Best head shot body language

2. Arms. Hands and arms can be very expressive. They are great to signal when we are closed off or open, depending on their placement. Be aware that closed off arm not only can signify power, but can also signify distance.

3. Smile. Are you smiling? Is it sincere? Your eyes are going to be where this reflects the most. You can see when someone smiles with their eyes, which is a real smile, or if they are just going through the motions. The expression you choose is up to you, but whichever expression you decide on, should be sincere and an accurate representation of you and what you want people to see when they see this image- it may be you first and last impression.


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