Visual Storytelling

Visual Story Telling: What is it and why it matters.


We have all heard the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words." But why is that? What is it about imagery that holds more power than its "Content is King" counterpart?

1. We are visual beings. From an early age, we learn to read the environment and the expressions those around us, long before we learn and develop verbal communication. It is wired in us to see and read situations to connect and assess.

2. We are emotional. Most of the decisions we make are emotional. Even if logic says the opposite, we prefer decisions that "follow your heart" or "gut feeling."

3. We are social. Study after study shows that we are hard wired for connection. 

So when you take into account the vastly popular social networks along with the fact that we are social, emotional, and visual, using powerful imagery helps create emotions, tells pieces of the story, and allows us to connect, all before a single word is read. It is also why using the right imagery and nonverbal communication matters. 

If actions speak louder than words, remember that the imagery you choose to use to connect online are your actions. Make sure they not only match your message, but help magnify it.



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