In the view finder: Julie Bond

Photo Credit:Anna Newman

Photo Credit:Anna Newman

Not A Dog Trainer

Starting her business in 1991 was a natural thing for Julie Bond, certified Animal Behaviorist. With her undergrad in animal psychology and her Master's degree in animal behavior, going into business for herself was the path that made the most sense. She always enjoyed working for herself and creating a schedule that worked for both her and her clients.

When she started a family, having the flexibility not only allowed her to still be there for her clients, but also allowed her to be actively there for her children.

Her 25 years in business has "flown by." She is passionate about what she does and the impact on her clients' lives and the relationships she helps them create with their animals. And it is because of the relationships she fosters, with her clients, their animals, and the other professionals she has worked with, even when there were times when she was struggling, she made the choice to keep at it.

The key for her to make through the struggle sometimes included getting a second job to take the pressure off her business, teaching classes, seminars, writing articles, and simply, keeping my name out there.

"If I can help one client better understand why their animals behave the way they do, help them see that their animals aren't malicious or jealous or any of the other human emotions that people apply to their animals is key. Once people understand why their animals behave the way they do, it's easier for them to understand what I can do to help them and their pet."

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