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Success In Preparation

In life and in business, preparation is 90% of what creates a successful outcome.  Since he was 17-years-old Michael Hampton, owner of Hampton Painting, has been working in the construction field.  With his talent in painting and natural abilities to lead-starting his own business was just a matter of time, for Michael. And one of the biggest keys to being a successful painter is in the preparation.

For clients who have watched their dream homes and spaces come to life while working with Hampton Painting, they too will tell you that most of the time and work is in the meticulous preparation necessary for a superior result.  The do not cut corners, they educate their clients about the different products available- help them choose-and know why selecting better quality products is worth their investment.

Beyond choosing excellent products and getting a client's home meticulously prepped- having the right people on the team is critical. Talent is just one trait Michael looks for in his employees. Integrity and motivation are the essential qualities each member of Hampton Painting must have.

Since he started his business he has never sacrificed quality for profit. It is evident in every area of his business, from the people he hires to his performance on the job.

Even with such high values and standards, running a business has its challenges, but with any obstacles that Michael has faced, his faith, family, and friends have been his rock and provided the encouragement he's needed to keep going.

Outside of work, Michael loves wrestling and playing with his 5-year-old son, traveling, and relaxing. He brings that same fun loving and easy going spirit to work with him, which is evident by the fun, ease and camaraderie he's created among his team.

Everyone at Hampton Painting truly takes pride in their work and is excited to help their clients bring the vision of what they want into reality. Michael is also great at offering suggestions when people are unsure about what they want- but know that what they have- isn't right for them.

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