In the view finder: Putting Your Clients In The Center Of Your Business.

Clients First

Welcome! My name is Ashly McHatton and I am a branding photographer and strategist. I help my clients take bold leaps in their business, and create unique ways for them to standout authentically. If you are a reader or existing client, welcome back!! Now, grab yourself a coffee and dig in!

Why did you start a business? Was it to help others? To do what you love? For freedom? Flexibility? To make money? No matter what your reason, you need clients- paying clients. And to get those clients in the door, there are several ways to do that. But those first relationships are key to your business. It is the difference between getting new clients, and raving fans, or going under months later.

A HUGE bold move that may seem obvious, is putting your clients in the middle, at the core, of your business. 

If you didn't have to worry about money, what choices would you make to better serve them? Would you be more patient? Offer a money-back guarantee? Deliver personal gifts to them? Give an extra hour of your time? 

I am not saying that you should put yourself or your business in financial jeopardy, or not value yourself. On the contrary, I am saying to hold firm boundaries and value what you offer, but be in business for the long-haul. 

Here are 5 ways to put your client in the center of your business

  1. Personal Touch. This can be anything from a handwritten note, custom gift during or at the end of their experience with you, phone call to see how they like the product that they purchased, etc. Making people feel appreciated and seen whether they spend $5 or $5,000 will keep them coming back and get them talking about you and your business.
  2. Refund Policy. Do you believe in the products and services you offer? Offering a refund policy helps take the fear and risk out of buying from you. AND if they do refund (which sucks, but sometimes the service isn't a good fit for where they are right now), they will trust you when they see another product or service that they want from you, they will be happy to buy, knowing they can count on you and your word.
  3. Your Language. It's like that saying, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it." Speaking in a way that people know that you understand their hopes, fears, and dreams, is SO important. As owners we often forget what it is like as the client. We get lost talking in our jargon fail to realize our clients have checked out of the conversation. We need to speak to them in a way that addresses their needs and lets them know that we have the solution they are looking for.
  4. Listen. Listen to feedback from your clients. Listen for ways to improve yourself and your business. Listen to what your peers won't do, and where you can find and fill a small need or provide extra value. 
  5. Be Humble. You'll make mistakes. You will stumble and fall, and fail. You will make choices for your interests first and your clients' second and you'll forget how you got to where you are. When you mess up, apologize and make it right. You are human and letting your clients see that and make course corrections and communicate that with them, will make them continue to trust and remain loyal to you.

How do you put your clients first? I would love to hear how you and your business put your clients first.