We all have the ability to influence and captivate others.  

Beta Testers Wanted!

I look at branding like match making- you and your audience are trying to find each other and if all goes well, it's a match made in heaven. And like going out on that first date, you show up as the best version of yourself to captivate, influence and convert your date to a partner (over time, of course!). 

In branding, there is no difference. In my Brand Seduction program we take a look at your brand's archetype, your seduction archetype, and go over all the nonverbal cues to supplement your mission and message. From body language to brand experience you learn how to create emotional connections, why they matter, and learn how these tools can help you be a master influencer both on and offline.  

This is an 8 week program that cover the psychology, art, and science behind how our brains work, how we can trigger and activate our powers of influence and seduction in business, how to create and image that reflects who you are, the keys to creating a memorable brand experience, and so much more....  

I am looking for beta testers for the first official launch of this program. I am bringing in experts in areas such as wardrobe styling, hair and makeup artists, neuroscientists, marketing and more to help you add depth and create an "it factor" in your business unlike your competition. (And put it into action!) There will be a live weekly call, a private Facebook group, workbook and templates, and you will get to also preview to two of my self study courses that will be launching this fall. The first one is: Masters of Seduction: A Lesson from the Greatest Seducers Throughout Time, and the second is: High Performance Mindset: Getting Out of Burnout and Taking Winning Actions!  

The first welcome call is August 15th, and kickoff begins August 28th.  

Spaces for this group are limited so that I can give everyone the most support on our live calls and in the group.  

This course includes:

 8 modules (a $1200 value) 10 Live group calls (a $1,000) Private Facebook group community with support (a $500 value) Guest Speakers (a $2,500 value) 60 minute 1 to 1 call will me to review your brand and give you your assessment (a $250 value) Workbook and worksheets (a $97 value) Brand assessments and moodboards created for you by me (a $1,000 value) Two self-study courses (a $750 value)  

And more....!  

Cost of this beta testing program is just one payment of $197  

If you are interested in being a part of this program, Please fill out the application below to learn how to seduce, captivate, and convert your tribe.

Once your application is reviewed, if approved, you will be sent the private link to pay and then.... YOU'RE IN!  

I am really excited about this program and all it has to offer. You will learn how to create a worldwide influence and see the results on your bottom line.  

If you are ready to push the last half of the year's goals out-of-the-water, this is for you!  

See you soon!  

Ashly McHatton  

"It is your work in life that is the ultimate seduction." Pablo Picasso


I am fascinated by people and what motivates them and makes them tick. In my work as a ultramarathon coach and brand strategist and photographer, I have learned so much about motivation, creativity, imagination and how to use these elements to build great brands for my clients.


Now, I want to teach you. We are going to be going over A LOT in this program. It will be run like a boot camp to I can find speakers and experts to bring in based on the needs of this group. Whether you simply love to learn or are interesting in how to leverage the "soft skills" of nonverbal communication in your business, you are going to get TONS out of this program.

Please answer the few questions I have below, and I will review you application ASAP. If you are approved, I will send you the private link to pay for the program. If the spaces are already filled or if you aren't approved for this round. I will put you on the waiting list for the next round and are guarenteed a spot and earlybird pricing.

Brand Seduction Beta Tester

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