I've been watching you for a while...

okay, not YOU, that would be creepy, but us- humans. I have been in love, obsessed, fascinated, and utterly captivated with figuring out what makes people tick. My formal education was in philosophy, but before 9-11 you would have found be at the airports in my spare time watching and creating the stories I would see.

"She is excited to go see her friend....He is coming home from his girlfriend's. Oh! and his wife is here to meet him... etc." 

I would watch and connect with others over the years, testing out theories and using my natural abilities to connect and read others, often while bar tending my way through school (the best lab for studying us humans, in my opinion) and along with sharpening my existing empathetic abilities, I would see and learn over and over again what we are all looking for, and that it hasn't changed much (or at all!) throughout history; We all want to be seen. We all want connection. We all want to have purpose and feel significant.

As I found my way into personal branding and photography (aka more people watching), I fell in love with people that found that "thing" that they couldn't help do. That thing they would do whether or not they got paid. That thing that made them light up and feel the most peace being themselves, being in their element. And Element Image Co. was born. I have learned to combine the hard sciences from what I have continued to learn through more formal education with the art of the connection and communication to express your story, your message, and your purpose through all of the forms of nonverbal communication, to help you show up, been seen, and create the impact you want to make in this world. Let me show you how!


It all starts with your why. Knowing your why, your purpose, seems obvious enough, but it is at the heart of who you are, what you do, and how we will express that to the world.

Then we look at who you are and show up in the world. With a series of quizzes and assessments (I am sucker for quizzes) I will get to get to know who you are really quickly, and we will have a common framework to start from when we discuss your design elements, you image, and the story your will create around your business. This is where the rich shades of your why get a splash of color from your personality and we start discussing your brand as a whole and looking to see how we can add and improve on your current brand- allowing you to show a more whole version of yourself so that you can attract more clients, increase your sales, and scale your business to the next level.

Lastly we look at what makes you seductive- what makes you irresistible to those around you and what level of influence and persuasion you already posses, that we can develop more to make you unstoppable. This step adds the shadows- the depth and dimension to your personal brand and wraps everything into a delicious story. 

After, we go through this process, we plan out your photo session, what images we need to create, and I assemble a team of graphic designers, hair and makeup artist, wardrobe stylist, videographer, etc. to help us execute all of the visual assets for your brand. This is my favorite part. Not only is this day (or couple days) REALLY fun, we get to bring all of the ideas we created to life for everyone to see. It's magic and I never tire of seeing the end result of not only what we create and capture, but the transformation that happens with you as a result of this process. Not only do you get to see the person that is at this next level in your photographs, you become her.

Ready for the adventure?